Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stipulating Eclipse Comments

From reading some of the blogs, I find people are really misunderstanding what I said and what I am trying to say. It may be because of different definitions of terms. First off, concerning the rapture, never do I mention the word. When I talk about the second coming I am not referring to the rapture but to Messiah’s feet landing on the Mt of Olives in Zechariah 14. I am not setting dates for the rapture. The only dates I am giving is the dates NASA gives us for eclipses and the dates God gives us on His calendar and then I bring in the connection. You can do whatever you want according to your own theology with this information. With much humor I say, “Put it in your own theological pipe and smoke it however you want.”  

I did say, and again say, IF these eclipses in 2015 are what the Lord was referring to, then 2015 would look like a possible year for His feet to land on the Mt of Olives. And, IF this is true then the tribulation could, not would, start this fall at the Feast of Trumpets, (which technically is 2 days long:  KJV Matthew 24:36  But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only).  In light of all the prophetic events going on, I would say it is likely but I’m not saying definitely. As far as the rapture, if you’re pretrib then 2008 could be interesting, if you’re midtrib, 2012 could be interesting, if you’re prewrath then 2014 might be interesting, if you’re a posttribber then 2015 might be interesting and if you’re amillennial just sit back and watch the show!

If you want my own personal view of the rapture it is this:
It’s not even on my radar! I’m not focused on it, I am focused on the mission at hand. I will work till Messiah comes. Believe me He will take whoever He wants to take, whenever He wants to take them and no one will lose points for being wrong. If your house is on fire and you escape are you satisfied that you are out or will you do all you can to get your children out as well? With any fire there are people rushing out and firemen rushing in. I guess it depends on what you feel you’re calling is. I don’t remember who, but someone said (and now in a popular song):
“Some want to live within  the  sound  of  church  or  chapel  bell;  but I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell!”    

That is my motto. If the Lord wants to keep me here during the tribulation on a mission run, I’m happy to stay. If He wants me out, then I’m happy to go! It’s not my will or rapture theology that will take me or leave me but His will.

After the sin of the golden calf God told Moses to go on and take the children of Israel into the Promised Land, but He wasn’t going. Moses said, “Hey! If you ain’t goin, we ain’t goin!” So what God told Moses next, you only notice in Hebrew not in English. God said, “Okay I’ll go with you” but Moses said that is not good enough. The reason is that the word “you” was in the singular not the plural. So in effect God was saying He would go with Moses but not the children of Israel. Moses, even though God was going to be with him, was not satisfied unless God went with the whole group. That is the difference between a “Greek Mindset” where it is all about the indivi-dual and the “Hebrew Heart” which is it being all about the community. I have a Hebrew Heart. My relatives died in Auschwitz. And I say never again! I am a pit bull for Yeshua and He will have to pry me off the enemy before I let him take any more of my relatives! Come hell or high-water or the tribulation I am running to the sound of the roar! As a mother or father who sees their child about to be taken, like a laser I am focused on the rescue! The Father wants His children saved and until He calls me out I’m going in. I am not afraid to run into the fiery furnace if I know God is with me. This is the culmination of all of history! What angels and all those before us have been waiting for. My hearts cry is to put me in. When it’s all over I’d rather be telling of the miracles of being in the furnace and God’s protection rather than being outside as a spectator.

Remember when Messiah said the gates of hell will not prevail against the church! Gates are a defensive piece of armory, not offensive!  The church has been terrified of being attacked by gates?! The truth here is that the gates are trying to keep people in captivity and the church is supposed to storm the gates of hell and rescue the people held captive! The truth is that Satan and his minions are terrified of us! It’s time to storm them and that’s my heart. Be Blessed!

 Run to the Battle: 

I hope you enjoyed listening to the song above and now watch the video.  May you be inspired to join me as we Wake, Watch and go to Work! Pass this on to other Warriors! We need to quit squabbling over the dating of the rapture and unite to the Work! Keeps this going, time is short, and the battle is near!

-Pastor Mark    

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