Thursday, January 14, 2016

Israel & Apartheid

Is Israel really an apartheid state? Here the truth from some South Africans who have experienced firsthand what apartheid really is....

Video by: Israel Collective

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  1. Shalom and Thank You El Shaddai Ministries for making us aware of these Videos from Irrael Collective Organization.
    We have recently been made acquainted with people of the opposing view. It very hard to get all the facts to repudiate the aq1uizations of the other side, although there factual information is nonexistent. So it becomes a discussion of you say, I say with no real substance to validate either argument. We too pray that no lie will prosper and rely upon the Ruach to touch the hearts and minds of those telling or believing these half truths and false statements, so that the name of the One God of all Truth will be exalted, revealed and glorified.
    Blessings and Shalom from the mishpochah in Gettysburg.