Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pharaoh's Challenges - Exodus 5:2


  1. Pastor Mark, During your teaching on 1/9/2016 about the 4 Cups, you indicated we should drink from all 4 cups. I have been at Seders where we do not drink the 2nd cup of Deliverance.
    This cup is used to sprinkle 10 drops of the juice/wine on a plate representing the 10 plagues. The reason given for not drinking from this cup is because the Hebrews did not and we do not want to partake of the plagues because the Cup of Deliverance was from the Plagues as well as the Bondage. Is this common that there is some variations of this order in the Seder?
    Also I have experienced (after eating the meal) the 3rd Cup (Redemption) as the Cup Yeshua declared as the Covenant in His Blood with the Afikomen being eaten as His broken body.
    What say you about these procedures?
    Is there a Seder Outline or Booklet you recommend for observing the Passover?
    Thank You!
    Be blessed and Shalom! Ken

  2. Pastor Mark, On your 1/9/2016 Torah teaching concerning the 4 Cups, it has been my experience that we do not drink from the 2nd Cup (deliverance) because it represents deliverance from the plagues. We usually drip 10 drops from this cup on a plate or napkin (representing the 10 plagues) but do not drink from this cup.
    Also the 3rd cup (Redemption) was represented as the cup Yeshua said was the covenant in his blood with the Afikomen also being given as his body at this time right after the meal/supper.
    What so you about this order in the Seder?
    Is there a guide or booklet you recommend for conducting a Passover Seder?
    Thank you.
    Be blessed and Shalom! ken

    1. We drink from all four cups but not the fifth for Elijah waiting for him.
      We dip our fingers in the second cup and remove the plagues as drops onto the napkin before we drink.
      The same cup that brings judgment on the world is the same cup that delivers us.
      We do eat the afikomen after the third cup. We will have an updated seder book soon.
      Pastor Mark

    2. Thank you Pastor Mark, especially for responding so quickly.
      Rabbi Gimpel's message still has me gitty with excitement. Earlier that evening I stopped at our Local Goodwill Shop and found 2-plates from Israel with the with the Hebrew Word (In Hebrew) "Shabbat" printed on them. Talk about a tap on the shoulder from HaShem, WOW!